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LiveKrypt is the platform for live streaming of live classes in Education Institution & live training programs in Corporate & Business thus saving a lot of time & money.

The best live application

LiveKrypt is a unique solution that Live Streams Classroom & Training videos in high quality across all devices in real time. Currently it streams to Android Mobile Phone & Tablets where the video content is protected against screen capturing & watermark protection for outer screen recording. The application runs on only a single device upon registration and absolutely suitable for organisations requiring video privacy. LiveKrypt is very easy to setup and you can go live in minutes with your own branding.

Live Classroom, Tuition, Classes, and teaching software


Best platform for teachers and institutes to reach out to large students with minimum cost anytime anywhere.


Corporate training and meetings at hand with flexibility to view after the training across different geographies that cuts travel cost.


Perfect for all Religions to live stream their events on a daily basis or for specific events for church, mandir, gurudwara, etc.

One Time Event

All in one stop solution for
one time live events to
stream be it marriage
event, school or college
sports, etc.


Great for Gym Trainers, Motivational Speakers, Sports Trainer, Cooking Classes, Dietician, etc. to earn more and live stream on a subscription model.


Live stream social causes and charity events to a large audience and also training manuals for volunteers at a click of a button spread across remote areas.

Download Our Application
from Stores

LiveKrypt is a private application that can be downloaded from stores. It can be accessed upon invitation only and can only run on registered mobile device only. With easy to use minimalist options its very easy to use even for a novice. Integrating the latest technologies in streaming and video on demand with full security for video piracy, LiveKrypt is one of the best app available. Live classes through mobile app

live classes through mobile app
Live Classroom Software

Live Virtual Classroom Software Solutions

Livekrypt provides live virtual classroom software solutions for Live Online Classes. This live classroom software is a platform which is designed only for online teaching over the internet and teacher can directly stream through this virtual classroom software by various modes like Android app, websites, Mobile, Tablet using login id and passwords. Livekrypt is the integral part of the educational learning management system and also facilitates live training programs in corporate or business organizations and saves a lot of time & money.


Livekrypt is the best live online teaching software and students can get
live classes through mobile app and other various popular modes. By
this live teaching software you get a wide variety of advanced
features which are as under:

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Online Teaching Software for Education Classes:

Livekrypt is hassle free online teaching software because it is very easy to setup and you can go live within a minute with your secure live classes by watermark protection.

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Live Corporate Meeting & Training Software:

Due to increased Global workface & international business trades, Livekrypt introduces the best live corporate meeting or online training software.

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Virtual Classroom Software with Ultimate Experience:

It is a well-designed virtual classroom software which fulfilled your all types of teaching needs over the internet with its unique mark. It allows educators to directly stream classes by this Android App, websites, tablets etc.

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Pricing Plans

Livekrypt includes well-structured pricing plans for various online

teaching software which is most suitable for individual tutors and trainers.



  • Watermark
  • Screen Capture Disabled
  • Screen Recording Disabled
  • Works On Single Device
  • 25 GB Storage
  • One Time Event
  • One Time Stream
  • Unlimited User
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • VOD
  • 1 Month Validity



  • All Features of OTTO
  • Live Chat
  • Event Creator
  • Single Studio
  • 250 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Streams
  • 1 Year Validity



  • All Features of Connect
  • Multiple Studio
  • 1000 GB Storage
  • 1 Year Validity

Pro Plans



  • All features of OTTO
  • Custom Branding


Connect Pro

  • All Features of Connect
  • Custom Branding



  • All Features of Max
  • Custom Branding


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Impressive Online Teaching, Virtual Corporate Training Software Solutions:

In the Globe, We are currently living in the technological world, because technology is a very vital factor. You see day-to-day newly software, gadgets, which has being launched which makes an easy way in your daily lives. Technology is also increasing and growing in the education, corporate sectors and gives a hassle free training or learning in the both sectors. Technology gives a strong contribution for educators and students both. This happens only after the development of various types of virtual classroom software, live teaching software to facilitate an interactive and interesting classroom session between a teacher and students. Virtual Classroom Software is a best mode to stream directly live video classes with keeping high security standards in this virtual classroom software. This software is also known as Online Teaching Software. This online teaching software or virtual classroom software is the most suitable live teaching software for all types of faculty, teachers, coaching institutes, colleges or Universities. Teacher can easily record, distribute video lectures by converting in the various modes like Pen drive Classes, Google Drive Classes, Cloud Based Live Classes for to make convenience for that students who stay a far place or distance. This gives an independence for a student that no any requirement of attending physical classes because our virtual classroom software is facilitating learning procedure at any time period in the terms of students as well as faculties. This software is also providing a reliable, hassle free corporate training by the use of our virtual corporate training software.