Virtual Classroom Software: A virtual classroom is an online learning platform that supports or connects teachers and students for live interaction, where they collaborate, communicate with each other everywhere on the earth, and articulate their ideas with each other’s with the help of technical tools and software.

Virtual classroom software is utilised by educational institutions and organisations to receive classes remotely also increasing and growing in the education sector while managing the functionality available in a regular classroom atmosphere. Also provides interesting session between learners and trainers. The inexpensive costs of virtual classrooms are considered to be a significant advantage. Learners and instructors can preserve money by not having to bother about travel costs. Members also save time since all that is required is an internet connection.

With the help of Virtual classroom software, you can assist business people, co-workers, and students face to face in real-time via an app or website. You can conduct the classes anytime anywhere.



Livekrypt provides you the platform for virtual classroom software that gives high-quality live-streaming classes and training videos to your smartphones or on your device for better learning experiences and fulfill your teaching experience with its unique mark. This platform gives teachers and organisations a great opportunity to connect them with their students and employees. It is simple to set-up and access by anyone with instant activation in seconds. Also, gives you high-quality video over all the platforms from the various device and keeping high security of your video in the Virtual Classroom Software.


Livekrypt offers the most reliable and safest live corporate meeting or online training software who gives you a platform to conduct or attend the meeting for corporate purpose or training courses as well with a high-security on your device. Enrol Livekrypt application simply on a single device with just a few steps and you can secure your video privacy of this app where you can increase participation, engagements, schedule flexibility, knowledge on various topics with instant feedback.


As we know growth is vital for all business. One of the most influential ways that literature academies grow is by detecting areas to enlist higher learner numbers. Recruiting more number of students usually signifies operating more classes. Though this is an efficient means of growing turnover, it can also be a meaningful logistical objection. In the virtual classroom, the tools and resources which are used that have been proved to be effective. Offering teaching stuff in this way permits students to have higher control over how and when they access the classes, basically which means students can get absolute control of their own learning experience and success.

1. Delivers Us Versatility : Virtual classes are a versatile platform for connecting different people around the world with real time classes.

2. Fun Learning : Sometimes to be a part of a classroom or seminar can be monotonous but virtual classes or e-learning makes it simple and comfortable for everyone. Such classes often use fun learning and practical exercises which permits us to try something new, and more importantly, a channel to grow and explore.

3. Gain while Learning : With the excess of formal online courses, virtual classes have allowed us to continue learning while supporting our full-time occupations – assigning experts to keep strengthening their real-world experience.

4. Produces Affordable Learning : In today's technology world e-learning reduces the overall formal instructional costs, be it in the education background or corporate atmosphere. This activity provides exceptional convenience to the people of all ages to more quickly explore out learning opportunities.

5. Makes you Productive : E-learning has been given to make us extra productive by creating worthwhile content available at our fingertips. Its on-demand nature is a powerful resource in any situation. E-learning provides an overall reduction to formal instructional costs, be it in the education setting or corporate world.

6. An Accessible Platform : The way virtual classroom technology is evolving, it is very friendly and easily accessible to anyone who owns a computer, tablet or smartphone. It doesn’t matter about where any learner/student/lecturer is based geographically or even whether they are undergoing mobility issues. Everyone will be able to log in as and when they choose until and unless there is a network issue.

Virtual classroom software is a platform for which most of the students are excited about and online learning system is now very popular among students for all the reasons mentioned above, furthermore students are much more likely to spend their time in studying and improving essential course stuff.

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