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One-stop solution for VOD, live streaming, LMS, E-learning & OTT platforms with white label services & solutions

Livekrypt is the one-stop solution for your all need for white label services & solutions where you can build your brand with our services. Livekrypt gives you the facility of the online presence of your content, streaming of video & e-learning with your brand name. You can make customizations accordingly. Livekryt provides video hosting for VOD, live streaming and we have all white label solutions for LMS, e-learning & OTT platforms.

We provide white label services & solutions for all your need of VOD (video on demand), live streaming for meetings or classes, LMS, E-Learning & OTT platforms. You can opt for any of the services provided by your organization and easily can make customization as per your design, brand, and logo everything. A ready-to-use application with your brand name and logo as per your business idea and need. White label services & solutions allow you to customize the application with your brand name and logo so you can distribute your services with your brand name in the market and generate revenue. Livekrypt gives you the facility where you can establish your brand with your brand name and logo in the market. The audience will recognize your product or services with your brand name and logo used that is white label services is about.

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Benefits of White label solution & services

White label solutions & services are used by many organizations to promote and launch their product where they have their brand name and generate revenue. There are so many benefits also exist there if you take white label solutions & services for your applications which you want to introduce in the market. You can easily launch your brand with a white labelling brand where you have to tell customizations and can start giving services over it. The benefits of using white label services are mentioned below:

White label solutions reduce your cost of marketing and developing a particular application or product. Here you can use the existing previously developed product with your required customization.
It takes too much time to develop a product and market it, with price white label services reduce your time to develop the product and market it.
With help of a white label solution because the product is already developed and tested so you do need to do many other processes which we have to do while developing a new product. It saves your time troubleshooting the application before launching in the market.
White label services are the quick solutions for your business if you want to launch a new product with your brand name and the idea of your product. Here you get an already developed application/software with your customization and logo so you can launch in the market with your services and brand to the audience.

Features and services of Livekrypt

Development of Livekrypt software keeping in mind the users of it. Livekrypt is loaded with many of its features like live streaming, encryption, real-time chat, user support, and many more. Livekrypt is very much popular amongst educators and institutes for live class streaming. Introducing many features for online streaming, video on demand with white label solutions. Many OTT platform applications are available in the online market nowadays, but livekrypt differently works with its different features with all white-labelled services & solutions. There are many areas where livekrypt gives its services, some of the features and services are listed following:

Video Hosting for VOD (Video on Demand).
Live Streaming.
White label solutions for LMS & E-Learning.
White label solutions for OTT platforms.

You can opt for the services according to your business and need. The best part about the livekrypt is that you can customize your brand with white label solutions & services for any type of platform; it may be educational, OTT, or live streaming platform. You can use this platform to post your videos on the OTT platform and can use this software to broadcast your video content in a secure environment. It provides a video hosting service for VOD (Video on demand) and you can live stream on this application. Livekrypt is very useful for educators and educational or training centres. Livekrypt comes with many facilities and is beneficial for video content to post, stream, video on demand, and OTT platform with white label solutions.